As part of its summer artistic theme “Japanese Dream” and the Grimaldi Forum’s exhibition “Kyoto-Tokyo, from Samurai to Manga”, the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo will be paying tribute to Japan with a Japanese week full of exclusive events – from July 13 to 17, 2010.

Yoshi at the Grimaldi Forum

July 13 – Dinner signed by Joel Robuchon at the Grimaldi Forum

As the privileged partner of the Grimaldi Forum’s exhibition “Kyoto-Tokyo, from Samurai to Manga” the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo has the honor of hosting the exhibition’s inaugural dinner…

Joël Robuchon, in person, and the team from the Yoshi restaurant will prepare a menu that reflects the Japanese restaurant’s Kaiseki cuisine. The dishes will be accompanied by a variety of sakes, presented by the greatest producers from Japan, who are sponsoring this prestigious event.

For its readers, the Hotel Metropole’s blog will follow Mr. Robuchon behind the scenes in the kitchens…

The Metropole at the rhythm of Japanese drums

July 14 – Japanese Drum Show

The prestigious group of Japanese artists, O Edo Sukeroku Taiko, will perform from 5 pm in the gardens of the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo. The audience will be invited to taste the best sakes during the performance.

Check out the pictures of this exceptional event on the Metropole’s blog.

Are there any sushi aficionados?

From July 15 to 17 – Sushi Festival at YOSHI

Yoshi, Joël Robuchon’s first Japanese restaurant, which was recognized by the Michelin Guide in March 2010, will play host to the team from Sushi Saito for three days for the Sushi Festival. Sushi Saito is one of the four sushi restaurants in the world that have been awarded three Michelin stars.

The sushi master, trained by sushi master Takashi Saito, will offer a selection of sakes with lunch and dinner. The sushi will be served exclusively at the bar of the YOSHI restaurant. Guests wishing to extend their meal are invited to try dishes on the menu, seated at a table.

This is a unique event, because for the first time ever, Takashi Saito’s sushi will be served somewhere other than in his own restaurant in Tokyo!

In the mood of participating in the Sushi Festival?

Lunch menu – 120 € per person: appetizer, selection of 12 sushi, a miso soup and a dessert.
Dinner menu – 220 € per person: appetizer, selection of 12 sushi, the choice between the signature dish “marinated Black Cod” or the truffle “Wagyu” beef entrecote garnished with spinach shoots and wasabi, a miso soup, a pre-dessert and a dessert.

Book now at the YOSHI restaurant: +377 93 15 13 13 – yoshi@metropole.com

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