Simplicity, freshness and originality

Simplicity, freshness and originality

Summer Chef’s Suggestion

To start the season, Christophe Cussac, Head Chef, offers a delicious tomato salad both simple and original.

From Central America and formerly called « love apple » and « golden apple », the tomato is known for its health benefits. Rich in vitamin C and minerals, we find the tomato under several varieties. The Chief played on this diversity of colors and shapes to bring you a salad that is both simple and original.

Thus, we find the Green Zebra tomatoes, green and slightly tart, Roma tomatoes, red and elongated, the Heart of beef, very tasty, Olivine (yellow and red), the Tomberry, the smallest tomato in the world and finally the Crimean Black, known for its color and taste very sweet.

Play the movie to see the « Tomato Salad » by Stéphane Coco, Premier Sous-Chef de Cuisine at Joël Robuchon Restaurant.