A Happy Christmas Tree by Fashion for Floors in the Hotel Metropole

A HAPPY WIND sweeps into the streets of Monaco until it arrives at its final desitination, the Hotel Metropole.
Orange, purple, rose and gold are the ruling colors. It’s with this pleasant ambiance that FASHION FOR FLOORS has dressed the first HAPPY CHRISTMAS TREE.

A christmas tree inspired by warmth and tenderniss from Rabbit fur with energetic colors – glittering effects from metallic cowhides – floating movements from mongolian sheep cushions – Chatoyant fur of south african springbook – the magic of imaginary christmas flowers – A geeful spirit of Ostrich feathers and a happy smile from the « smiley » cushions.

Floor designer and floor couturier, FASHION FOR FLOORS has opened a HAPPY SPACE made out of pleasant materials and welcoming tones by dressing up the floor to the top of the HAPPY CHRISTMAS TREE, realised by Florist Wayne RILEY.

FASHION FOR FLOORS – 39 Bd des Moulins 98000 Monaco www.fashionforfloors.com